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Starlight Garnets

This statement ring was created for my mother after she brought home some pear shaped garnets from abroad. I wanted the prongs to look like they were reaching out from the center of the design and ...

Lilies for the Family

While preparing a design, I always try to get to know my clients so I can create something very personal for them. During my R&D I found out that Matthew 6:28 was a very meaningful verse for th...

Glamorous Geometry

It is always an honor to create forever jewelry for friends, and that is what happened here. My client and friend reached out and said she wanted me to design her engagement ring. We chose a really...

A Mothers Children

This delicate pendant was commissioned by my client as a gift for his wife. They have two children, Beatrice and Rose, and the pendant was designed to represent both of them. Hand-carving this pend...

Atypical Tulip

For this engagement ring I was able to do some secret R&D with the bride to be, and made note of what she wanted in her future ring. I knew she liked the look of a bezel setting, and a clean lo...

Diamond Cobra

The details of this cobra are some of the smallest I have ever carved. Every scale was hand-carved and cover the entire delicate band. At 10x magnification they are smaller than a fingerprint. This...

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